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The EMBA Program for Social Elites of Higher Positions in Different Fields Starts its School Days!
Unit:Graduate School of Business Administration      Posting Date:2017-02-01  

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The EMBA program, which is especially open for social elites of higher positions in different fields, started its first school day on September 17th, 2016. The program did not only attract leaders of different companies but also other social elites from various fields. Students include the present legislator, Su Chih-feng, who was the former magistrate of Yunlin County; Lin Wan-zong, managing director of United General Association of the Douliu Industrial Park; Lee Mei-Hui, managing director of the United General Association of the Yunlin Technology-based Industrial Park; and other chairmen and supervisors of diverse companies. Moreover, people from the medical field also take the program. They include two doctors of western medicine and Chinese medicine, a veterinarian, and a pharmacist, too. There are also students from the fields of construction, banking, the food industry, environment-related industries and other industries. Hsieh Di-wan, the Board Chairman of Da Di Construction Company who has already acquired his M.A. degree in the Department of Civil Engineering of National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, is also one of the students.


The ceremony of the first school day was hosted by President Hou Chun-kan, who encouraged the students to make good use of the resources provided by YunTech, to study hard and to face competitions in the future. After they finish the program, they can help the industrial field to grow and improve continually. When the speech was finished, the students followed the ancient tradition of serving tea three times to their teachers as a way of showing their respect. Furthermore, both teachers and students poured wine into a wine urn and sealed it with a strip signed by teachers and students together. After sealing the wine urn, the students promised to study hard together and try their best to graduate in two years. When the day of graduation ceremony arrives, they can open the wine urn and share the wine with each other.


Cheng Chen-shui, Dean of the College of Management, stated that the program is especially designed for leaders in higher positions in different fields. Courses offered mainly focus on practical case discussions. Students have to go to school on Saturdays only, but they still have summer classes, which makes the program quite different from other programs. Besides campus courses, abroad visits will be on their course syllabus. Students basically can acquire their degrees in two years. If someone who is interested in this program can prepare in advance for next year’s application, it is believed this program will become a pretty attractive program for students who want to take the EMBA programs in the future.
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