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The Result of the Election for the President of YunTech has been Released! Dr. Yang will be Taking t
Unit:President      Posting Date:2017-03-14  

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The result of the election for the next president of YunTech was released on October 10th, 2016. Vice President Yang Neng-shu will be taking office as the next president. YunTech will send the election report to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for appointment.


Vice President Yang received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A. He has been on some very important positions at YunTech. For example, Dean of the Office of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, and Chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Also, he was the project manager responsible for successfully holding the National Universiade Sport Games and the project manager of the MOE Teaching Excellence Project; both projects demonstrate that he is both experienced in teaching and administration.


According to Dr. Yang, YunTech has experienced a lot of goods and bads in these 25 years. However, the time-limited problems of the low birth rate and the competition among higher education from all over world have become two main challenges for YunTech. Furthermore, international rankings, the trend of regional integration of the north, the central and the south of Taiwan, the coming of the intelligent age and the 4-year big project of the MOE are others that YunTech has to overcome. By overcoming all the challenges, YunTech can become the flagship university which focuses on practical technology education.


In the next 4 years of Dr. Yang’s presidency, the main goal for YunTech is to build its name and honor in society by focusing on international ranking, acquiring projects from both the government and the industrial field, and enhancing the research and teaching qualities of faculty members. The main strategies are as follows: building the system for teacher development, building the system for student learning, building the administration system for supporting both teachers and students and making good use of the e-learning environment.


Moreover, teaching according to teachers’ specialties and consultation will be encouraged, an environment of self-learning will be built, paradigm teachers in different areas will be grouped, links with the industrial field will be focused on. Through these efforts, YunTech will hopefully step further into the limelight, achieve zero-distance in communication, make big strides in international cooperation, and shine as a brand in central Taiwan, from where it will stand and shine in front of the rest of the world.  


Dr. Yang finally stated that practicality in technology and intelligent inventions will be the future visions of YunTech. He did not only focus on changing things, but also stated that the great traditions and the paradigm in the past were two things YunTech has to carry into the next stage of the future.